Great Kentspectations party, Bar 10, Maidstone

After a gosh-darn nice invitation to perform at the Great Kenspectations 1 year anniversary bash, the jolly ole Steampunk Morris rocked up the Royal Star Arcade in Maidstone (a town in Blighty don't you know) with displays of border and clog dancing, and then gleefully gave a ceilidh to get all the jolly steampunk folk who where up and dancing all along the arcade though-fares, with a polka here and a waltz there, smiles where in high supply, bang on!

A thank you from the crew to Bar 10 for the supply of fermented vegetable liquid refreshments, Great Kenspections and the debut music talents of Punkery Thoughful, huzzah!

A HUGE "Thank You"  Goes to Peek-a-boo Productions who shot and produced the videos.  What a fabulous job you did!  

Just Steampunk Morris:


"You guys will not regret it if these fellows are invited!" 
-E. Young

 "Big thank you from Great Kentspectations for your gig last night. We all really enjoyed ourselves and the evening went really well. Hope you guys enjoyed it too."

-N. Ransom

"Was most impressed you managed to encourage the absolute non-dancers up too.  Looking forward to seeing you all again soon. "-J. Collins